Pathos.XII – by G.K.  Days, numbers, these monstrosities, corruptions of light,  Sunshine broken into sickening shards, and   Dragging like rusty chains down the street. Stuck like slivers, like spikes in my throat,  Prismatic and stunning radiations, spilled  Like spinning chromatic wheels, laughing spokes  Spooling wildly, whirling in my head, and drawn out like dragon’s […]


Gesang.XXIII – by G.K.  These venomous atmospheres, they are our daily bread,  Inhaling poisonous vapors of sun-bleached bone,  And the powdery smog of stench-clutched day, we walk Among these traitorous snake-skins upon two legs,  the ambulant human beast! Now shed them all, shed this mockery of life,  Draw your blades and be free once more,  […]


Pathos.XI – by G.K.  No place to rest my head, no sleep within to hide,  No way to extinguish that burning torch within that is my pride…  O Lucibel, undo these steely shutters on the apertures of mine eyes! 


Pathos.X – by G.K.  Oh moon, do you dare to shine again? With your bone-white bright and your fickle rule over night,  Our dreams rise to defy your phantasmic flight over our blood-drained heads.  Oh moon, you traitorous light!  Naked in darkest noon, you’ve painted your cruel image over the lids of my eyes. 


Pathos.IX – by G.K. In the place where perfumed orchids once waved in the winds of lightless night, Now only inky forms remain to walk upon the path where angels used to tread.  Where intoxicating lavender flowers once grew, now they wither and smell of rot,  Stripped of their sweet petals, their leaves fall so […]


Gesang.XXII – by G.K.  Listen, their voices are like dumb vultures devouring the ages,  Days now are doomed to wallow as mere miserable numbers,  Sunlight succumbs to their dead sunken eye sockets,   This bloody wound of reality gapes with their smiles. 


Pathos.III – by G.K.  Gerda takes back her daughter, now she roams the land of the dead,  With all of the organic husks, blind millions of the Demiurge, she’s gone,  Swept away in the vicious torrent of voices and accursed faces, my love.