Pathos.III – by G.K.  Gerda takes back her daughter, now she roams the land of the dead,  With all of the organic husks, blind millions of the Demiurge, she’s gone,  Swept away in the vicious torrent of voices and accursed faces, my love.   Advertisements


Pathos.II – by G.K.  Come down to me with the rains, through the cold wind-swept curtains of my room, Here, paralyzed in deepest sleep, my spirit’s poor vessel lays before you like a block of wood. Don’t lift your veil, dear angel, my eyes would burn should they ever see your sweet countenance,   Can […]


Gesang.XXI – by G.K.  On a distant, secluded and sullen soil unnamed,  On a space far removed from the sick and profane,  Weeping willows hang over the graves of our heroes,  To protect and give shelter to their now shadowed eyes.  For here glows the last golden glimmering rays of our Age,  Where the few […]


Pathos.VIII – by G.K.  Counting the steps downward on this lightless path, this obsidian stair,  Counting my breaths backwards, these last burdens I must bear,  Naked eyes that stare back at me across the chasm swallows the sound,  Now enter this breathless evening meadow that stands on the other side, Enter the mirror, this voiceless […]


Pathos.VI – by G.K.  This stubborn flesh of the cursed man that somehow still continues to tread,  Beneath the cold light of a sickened sun that somehow still continues to shine,  Within a damned world, drained of all blood, where day is a mockery of life.  This stubborn flesh still continues to tread until the […]


Pathos.I – by G.K.  Push the steel tip unto my throat, into my neck press the blade,  Don’t let the knife tremble, now be brave and don’t look away.  Just grant my eyes one last yearning look of eternal A-mor,   As if your small smile were sculpted from alabaster stone,   Before we begin […]